The Globactif project

The team

We are 3 friends from France: Benjamin, Amaury and Antoine. Currently students, we took a year-off during our respective high school courses, in order to lead a personal project. Benjamin is in his first year of an  » Industrial and environmental dangers » master degree at IRIAF school. He will stay in Fran for the beginning of the adventure to ensure the partner relationships, and will join the others at the end (summer 14′).
Amaury just finished his 2nd year of his bachelor degree at the Ecole Atlantique de Commerce, Audencia Group. He is specialized in project management. After his bachelor, he would like to discover tourism and boardsports fields, and improve his marketing knowledge. Antoine just finished his 4th year at ESEO school, an institute of engineering where he is in an Energy and Environment specialisation. After being graduated, he would like to discover by his own the entrepreneur field.

The project

The Globactif Project is a journey through a couple of developping countries to find and then promote innovative eco-friendly solutions. Our fields of study are: waste treatment, water treatment, alternative/renewable energies, transportation, eco-building and education. In this way, we meet and interview NGOs, schools, companies, governments, entrepreneurs, grassroot innovators, etc. In other words, every actor of sustainable development. After this 10-months trip, the project will not just simply cease. In fact, we plan to make some conferences in France in front of high schools and companies. We will also write a book about the solutions and the sustainable practises we discovered. Finally, we are going work with some elementary schools of our native city, Fontenay-le-Comte, to teach and make them sensitive to the sustainable development.

Our itinerary

To discover solutions fundamentally different from our occidental culture, we decided to go mainly in developping countries. Thus, here is our journey:
We start this little world trip in south of India the 28th October 13′, to continue towards Nepal. After that, we go to Southeast Asia: Thaïland, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. Then, after this 4 months in Asia, we flight to Latina America, for the 6 last months. First, Central America with Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Finally, South America with Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, before our come back at the end of August 14′.For further information about our project, please contact us by e-mail at: globactif.association@gmail.com

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